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‘A customer-focused approach with a wealth of experience’
Start My Biz consultants is a set of committed and experienced professionals committed to providing the highest consulting standards that provides clients with financial, tax and consulting solutions in addition to businesses in different fields. We serve business from the inside. Partnering with client teams, we solve problems, implement initiatives and help drive change through all levels of businesses.
Our consultants are experienced problem solvers with many years hands-on experience in fields including banking and finance, human capital, information management, internal audit, strategy, corporate governance, compliance, corporate valuation among many other services.
We leverage our extensive network of subject matter experts and our affiliate consultants with experience from different provinces, and provide specifically tailored, cost effective solutions to our clients. We believe that successful consulting depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising the practice.
Each consultant at Start My Biz has a significant depth and breadth of appropriate experience in their field of expertise and a track record of achievements.
By mixing these highly specialized skills we are able to provide tailored solutions to our clients using a large variety of strategies and tactics to maximize returns and minimize costs.
We ensure that training programs are designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. We have consciously nurtured and developed our strengths to be a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with a practical “get-things-done” philosophy.

A customer-focused approach with a wealth of experience